Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cupcakes for your Valentine

Perfect for your sweetie this Valentine!!


Cupcake Flower Pot

24 mini cupcakes create a beautiful pot of roses!

Pirate Cake

Ahoy Mateys!   What a fun cake for a pirate themed birthday party!   I was inspired by many cakes I'd seen on the web, along with my customer's own ideas.   The result is an adorable cake for a little pirate!

10th Wedding Anniversary Cake

My friend wanted to surprise her sister with a beautiful replication of her wedding cake.  They were celebrating their 10th anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony.  Lindsay loved the cake, and was instantly reminded of their wedding cake!!

The bow is made with a 50/50 fondant/gumpaste blend.

Soccer Cake for the Freeport Stars

My 10 year old loves, loves, loves soccer!   This cake was for her soccer banquet this fall.  The soccer ball is cake, covered in fondant.  I used a ball shaped pan, printed a soccer template from the internet, and careful cut out fondant pieces to scale.  Time consuming, but worth the effort!   Some of the girls thought the ball was real!!  :)   The girls loved having their names and numbers on their own fondant star, too.

40th Birthday Celebration Cake

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Time to Catch Up!

I've been away from Blogger for several months!!   Summer arrived, four kids home from school, vacations, trips to the beach, swimming at the community pool, friends, projects, fun......then school began!   Back in the school routine, soccer, homework, etc. etc. etc!   I think we're settled back into our school-year routine, so now I can take time to blog again.   I've missed it!

So here are some of the cakes I decorated over the summer and fall months!   I'll just lump them all together in this one post, just as a catch up.  

I look forward to jumping back into Tuesdays With Dorie in November, as we will be starting a new cookbook too!

Thanks for reading!

Channing's "Frozen" Halloween party!   A combination of Elsa and spiders.  :)

Hannah's birthday cake!   How can my BABY be 8 years old?!

Alicia's 40th birthday cake!   "Meg A Mole" is the mascot for Alicia's company.  (She's a chemist!)

Alexandra's soccer birthday cake!   Super fun to make.
Emma's Minnie birthday cake!  

Hannah's spider birthday cupcakes, shared with her friends in school.  (My Hannah loves bugs!)

Brendan's Army-themed cake.  It looks like it's covered in fondant, but the cake is really just decorated with buttercream.  The letters and numbers are fondant though, as well as the star medallion.
Alexis's horse birthday cake!

Lauren's horse birthday cake!