Monday, January 2, 2012

First blog post ever!

Okay, here it is!  My very first blog post EVER!  Kinda intimidating.  Kinda exciting.  Will anyone see it?  Read it?  Care about it?  Ha.

I feel like I should have baked something for the occasion, but since I've been too busy today playing Wii Fit Plus and Lego Ninjago with my kids on their last day of Christmas vacation, and I made a vow to myself to "get back on track" with my, eh-hem, "good eating habits", there has been no creaming of butter and sugar today.

Instead, I'll post a picture of one of my recent cakes.  This is a pirate ship cake for a friend's son, and I think it turned out very cute!  Pardon my point-and-shoot flash photography.  ;)

The cake itself is double chocolate sour cream cake, and the frosting is chocolate buttercream.  The detailed elements of the cake are made with rolled fondant (cannon, cannonballs, treasure chest, coins, etc.)   I heard from his mom that Pirate Max loved his cake!   Aarrgh!

Thanks for reading if you got this far!  I'm looking forward to this new adventure in 2012.  :)


  1. Dawn, your cake is amazing!I am super excited to follow your new blog.Your talent inspires me :)

  2. Have fun Blogging.
    Looking forward to some tasty inspiration.


  3. I look forward to reading your posts. I may start blogging again. I had been thinking about it lately. The recipe looks yummy- going to try it :)

    Heather S.

  4. How exciting to see your creations here!! Can't wait to see more... and enjoy the recipes you have so generously filtered out for me :)


  5. Hope you have a blast with this!

  6. Simply, my friend, are a sweet artist superb...