Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wild Princess Cake

Sydney's 2nd Birthday theme is "Wild Princess"! 

This cake was inspired by an adorable outfit her mom bought for her to wear at her birthday party.   The outfit  had leggings with one leg as a zebra print, the other leg as turquoise with white dots, and pink ruffles around the ankles.  I'm sure Sydney will be adorable at her party today! 

The zebra stripes and polka dots are rolled fondant.  The princess tiara is rolled fondant with royal icing detail.  The ruffles are buttercream.  Unnoticeable in the picture is some pink edible glitter on the ruffles.

The bottom tier is chocolate fudge cake with strawberry buttercream filling.  The top tier is white almond cake with bavarian cream filling. 

*~*~*Happy Birthday Sydney!!!*~*~*

1 comment:

  1. What a fabulous cake!! And I love the idea that it matches her outfit.