Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TWD---Hungarian Shortbread

I've not made many shortbread recipes, so this one was a fun and unique experience for me!  Before reading the recipe though, just going by the name of the recipe, I anticipated a thin, crispy, buttery shortbread.  After reading the recipe through and viewing the picture, I looked forward to trying something new!

The most unique thing about this recipe, in my opinion, was the technique of freezing the dough, then grating it into the pan.  Yes, grating it! 

My five year old came along at this time and asked me if she could taste "that cheese".  Haha!  I gave her a few shreds and after the surprise of not tasting cheese, she said, 'Mmmmm!  Tastes like cookie dough!'

The dough has a whopping pound of butter.  Yes, four sticks of butter.

The recipe called for a homemade rhubarb jam in the center of the shortbread.  Instead, I made a homemade blackberry and strawberry jam.

Following the advice of fellow TWD bakers, I baked the bottom crust for 15 minutes before spreading on the cooled jam.

After that I grated on the remaining frozen dough (my arms got a great work out!), and I thought for a second that my Hungarian Shortbread looked like lasagna.

(Oh, and Sweetheart, if you're looking for a great Mother's Day gift idea, the kids would love to get me a Kitchenaid Food Processor!)

I baked the shortbread for 40 minutes and liberally dusted it with powdered sugar.

Once cool, I cut into small squares, and we all enjoyed one for dessert last night.  These Hungarian Shortcake bars are absolutely delicious!  They're so very buttery and rich, and a small little square is perfect. 

For the complete recipes, please visit two of my fellow Tuesdays With Dorie bakers' blogs.  Lynette of 1smallkitchen and Cher of The not so exciting adventures of a dabbler are this week's hosts.  They both chose to bake their shortbread in round pans, and they used different fillings than I did, so please go visit them and take a peek.


  1. Those look fabulous! I think I should have filled mine more. We loved them, though.

    1. Thanks Jules! I'll surely be making them again. After Mother's Day, when my kids suprise me with the Kitchenaid Food Processor---hahaha! Then I can grate the dough much faster and with less arm pain. :P

  2. Your Shortbread looks fabulous and I love the filling you made…looks luscious! I tried to grate my dough with my food processor (which is 24 years old) and broke the blade holder…at some point in time I expected to have to get a new one…I guess that now! Enjoy your new Food processor!

    1. Kathy---wow! 24 years is a long lifespan for such an appliance! Time for a new one, eh? :)

  3. Great looking cookies :-)

    I was able to persuade The Dude into a food processor for Christmas. He finds it amusing that I would rather have kitchen gadgets than other more traditional gifts. Will keep my fingers crossed for you

    Thanks for baking along this week.

    1. Cher, my husband also thinks it's strange that I *wish* for kitchen gadgets and appliances as gifts! ;)