Monday, September 3, 2012

Matthew's Lego Birthday Cake

My son Matthew is turning 10 this week!  How on earth is this even possible?!  Wasn't I just bringing him home from the hospital yesterday?   How can he now be Double Digits?!


The fact is, Matthew is turning into a wonderful young man, right before my eyes.  He's so smart, so sweet, and so fun to be around.  Sure, he knows how to push the right buttons with his sister to make them screech and scream and come tattling on him, but you know what?  He's the only boy with three sisters!   He's fighting for his freedom sometimes, ya know?!  ;)

We planned a Lego themed birthday party for him this year!  Our initial pool party plans had to be put aside thanks to the tropical storm Isaac which brought rain our way.  Hubby and I went to Plan B---9 boys and 3 girls inside our home----playing made-up Lego games, eating cake, and opening presents.  Whew! 

Everyone had a blast, and Birthday Boy is really enjoying all of his new Lego sets!  Go Ninjago!

In my mind, this cake was absolutely flawless, with smooth edges, perfect corners, and a lifelike Lego Minifigure.  As I've learned with these years of experience, cake, frosting, and candy are not predictable elements, and with rainy weather, things happen.    We'll pretend they didn't with this cake.  ;)

Lego Mini is made with candy melts and "cake truffle" filling.  I used a silicone minifigure pan, and worked with one color of candy at a time.  I melted, then poured and smoothed the candy into each section of the pan, leaving the middle hollow.  I refrigerated the pan on a cookie sheet to harden the candy, then repeated with the next color.  After the entire pan was coated in candy melts, I smooshed cake truffle mixture into the pan, smoothing the back with an offset spatula.  I refrigerated it for a while to make it nice and firm, them smoothed on a layer of candy melts to enclose the cake.  Back into the fridge it went to firm up.  I then said a prayer and delicately peeled the silicone pan away from the candy.  Wow, it worked!!  The result was gorgeous----a smooth Lego mini figure!

Then humidity and gravity tried to help the situation.  ;)  We'll pretend his hands didn't fall off and need to be "glued" back on with candy melts.  And we'll not pay attention to the fact that his torso was falling and smooshing his lap.  And we'll not mention how the humidity changed the color of the candy melts from being refrigerated to being in my warm kitchen while I assembled and finished the cake.  (Condensation----eek!)

Did my handsome 10 year old notice?  Nope!   And would he have even cared if he did?  Certainly not!

He and his friends LOVED the cake, and couldn't wait to bite into the minifigure.  "I want his head!"  "Can I eat his arm?"   And as I dissected the poor sweet thing, "Ewwwww!"   We had a blast.

Matthew, being the guest of honor, got to eat the head.  :)

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