Saturday, November 24, 2012

Candy Cornucopia

Thanksgiving was two days ago, but tomorrow I'll bring these cute little treats to my kindergartners in Sunday School.  We can still give thanks for all that the Lord has blessed us with, regardless of which day it is!

The cornucopia is also known as "the horn of plenty", shown as a horn-shaped basket which is overflowing with harvest vegetables and breads. 

These little treats are ice cream cones ("sugar cones") filled with fruit and vegetable shaped candies!!

See the curved tip of the ice cream cone?    To achieve that shape, begin by heating up your tea kettle with some water until it's boiling.  Stick the end of the ice cream cone down into the spout.  Leave it for about a minute, pull it out, and gently bend the tip of the cone.  The steam will have softened the cone enough to make it pliable.  Set the cone on a cooling rack to firm up again.  Repeat with the remaining cones.

These are the candies I used to fill our cornucopia.   (I ended up not using the orange candy slices because they are too big.)

Fill the cones with the candies, and tie them up in cellophane baggies.

Attach curling ribbon and a tag if desired.

Make these cute little treats *next* Thanksgiving for your children or grandchildren!   (Forgive me for being a week late for this year!)

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