Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TWD: Best Ever Brownies

I admit it.  I have a ton of brownie recipes.  Many of them claim to be the best ever.   Fudgey brownies.  Cake-like brownies.  Brownies with a caramel layer.  Turtle Brownies.  Cheesecake brownies.  Mint brownies.  Peanut Butter filled brownies.    Yes, I've made them all!

Now, this recipe from Baking With Julia is truly, without comparison, the *most* fudgey brownie I've ever baked and eaten!  Wow.  Super fudgey, bordering on not-all-the-way-baked.  BUT SO GOOD!!!

Nut-less, caramel-less, cheesecake and peanut butter-less.  These are straight-out FUDGE brownies.

This recipe does not have any leavener.  No baking soda or baking powder.  The batter gets its volume from whipping the eggs and a cup of sugar until they're thick and pale in color.  They are then gently folded into the chocolate, butter, and remaining sugar, which have been melted on the stove.  Finally, the flour and salt are folded in.  The batter is poured into an eight or nine inch square baking dish and carefully timed to reach the ultimate level of fudgyness, approximately 25 minutes.

The result? 

You got it.  Fudgy gooey brownies that are so sinfully rich you truly can only eat one.  Well, at a sitting.  A few hours later you'll go back for another.  Pour yourself a tall glass of cold milk, too!  You'll need it!

Our family of six sure enjoyed these treats for dessert last night!    I hope you give them a try too.  To find the recipe, please visit Monica of A Beautiful Mess, our hostess for the week on Tuesdays With Dorie.


  1. Your brownies came out perfect! Brownies are always such a wonderful could never have too many recipes!

  2. These were definitely gooey brownies! A little to gooey for my taste but they did taste pretty good!

  3. Wonderful job! They look delicious!

  4. One more brownie recipe to be added to your list... You've deserved the award of "the Master of the Brownies" ;-)
    They look wonderful!

  5. Wow! You sure have tried a lot of brownies. Now you have another to add to your repertoire! Glad you liked them. :)

  6. These had a major fudge factor, didn't they?
    They look good!