Tuesday, September 17, 2013

TWD: Espresso Profiteroles

This week's Tuesdays With Dorie recipe is Espresso Profiteroles.   Not challenging, per se, but time consuming.  Worth it?   Yes!   However, I did cut a few corners in order to fit this recipe into my busy family's schedule.

I've never made profiteroles (or cream puffs) before, but ya know what?   Easy!   The batter, called pate a choux, is made on the stovetop, then piped into small rounds onto a cookie sheet.  These yummy bite-sized puffs are coffee flavored.  Brewed coffee is used as the liquid, and also finely ground espresso beans are added to the batter.   We are not coffee drinkers, so I wasn't apt to buy a bag of espresso beans for only one tablespoon, so that ingredient was omitted.   I had some instant coffee in the freezer, so I steeped an extra strong cup, hoping that would provide enough of a coffee flavor. 

Once baked, the profiteroles are light and hollow inside.

The recipe calls for homemade cinnamon vanilla ice cream.  Here is where I took a short cut.   I bought Breyer's vanilla ice cream, allowed it to soften a bit, then folded in a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Ha!

The ice cream is spooned into the center of each profiterole.  I used my small scoop for this task.

A sprinkling of confectioner's sugar would be wonderful, but a homemade chocolate sauce is perfection!!   (I omitted the called-for Grand Marnier, and used vanilla extract instead.)

My kids have enjoyed these little treats this week!  I think the recipe is a keeper, but next time I'll fill them with homemade whipped cream or vanilla pastry cream.  Yum.

If you'd like the recipe, please send me a message!  Otherwise, you can look on pages 411 - 412 in the Baking With Julia cookbook, or visit our Tuesdays With Dorie webpage and take a peek at a few other TWD bakers' pages.   Thanks for visiting!


  1. Those are some really cute profiteroles. Glad you really liked the recipe!

    1. I'd like to tweak it some more to get it "Just Right" for my tastes! :)

  2. I agree on subbing pastry cream for the ice cream. Mmmm or the whipped cream idea. Or both?

  3. Beautiful! Wonderful job on your first cream puffs!

  4. I love pastry cream in profiteroles! Well, in anything - even by itself. :) Your treats look wonderful.

  5. the ice -cream melted so fast out here that I had no choice but to resort to chocolate cream.. and they were a treat!! and the best part.. I never thought choux pastry would be so easy!!