Thursday, March 27, 2014

Olaf in Summer cake (Disney's Frozen)

If you haven't seen the movie Frozen yet, see it!   The music is incredible.  The story is sweet.   The characters are adorable!

Olaf is a snowman who loves the idea of summer!   In the movie he dreams (and sings) of enjoying the sun, sand, and surf of summer.   This cake is for my youngest daughter's friend whose favorite movie character is Olaf.  She had a Frozen-themed birthday party last weekend.

Olaf  and the beach accessories are hand made with fondant, and the umbrella is gumpaste.   The sand is make with graham cracker crumbs.

I also made a plate of sugar cookies and chocolate brownie cookies for the party, complete with fondant snowflakes!!


  1. So cute!!! How did you get the graham cracker crumbs to set?

    1. Well....they weren't too set! Lol. Some stuck to the buttercream, but a good stiff wind would have blown the rest off. Lol!

  2. DO you have the step by step directions on hoe to make this cake?