Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hippie Chick Cake

A friend's daughter is having her 2nd birthday, and the theme of the party is "Hippie Chick", based on these cute paper products:

I made a bunch of fondant decorations to go on the cake and allowed them to dry for several days before baking the cake.

The cake is vanilla, but with wonderful bright colors inside, just like the cupcakes in my previous post!  Like tie dye.   I think Jordyn will love her Hippie Chick cake.  :)


  1. Beautiful Masterpiece! One question--how do you keep little fingers from digging into your creations?

  2. Charmaine, they've been taught!!! (i.e. fairly warned!)

    That and they get to taste leftover frosting if they stay out of the kitchen. :)