Friday, August 24, 2012

Giant Pencil Cookies

It's Back To School time!!  Are you sad?  Are you excited?  Are you like that dad in the Office Max commercial who dances around the store singing, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!"??

I have mixed emotions.  My youngest child, my BABY, is starting kindergarten this fall.  My entire life is changing!  I've been a stay at home mom for 12 years now, always have a "little one" at home with me.  Now she is starting kindergarten full day, and things will be so different.  Quiet. 


Anyhoo, I made these adorable and HUGE pencil cookies for the incredible kindergarten teachers at my baby's school!   (I have the privilege of being on the PTO Board this year, so we're spoiling the teachers with treats today as they prepare for classrooms full of 5 years olds on Monday.)

Did you know that even experienced bakers get distracted and mess up recipes that they've made a zillion times before??   Yup.  It happened to me.  I've made this sugar cookie recipe for years and years with wonderful results.   This time, however, my brain was likely dwelling on the fact that my BABY is starting kindergarten that I grabbed baking soda instead of baking powder from my baking cabinet.  I realized my error right *after* I'd measured and poured the soda into the batter.  Whoops.  I could have scrapped the entire batch, but alas, there were 2 cups of kinda-expensive butter whipping around in that bowl, so I didn't want to waste.  I decided if the cookies totally turned out horrible, I'd pitch them and start again.  It was worth the risk.

I proceeded and recognized the dough was softer than usual.   After I'd chilled the dough and began rolling and cutting out the cookies, I had a hunch I was in for something different.  Instead of keeping their nice crisp shape without spreading, this time the cookies poofed and spread out.  The pencils grew by at least 3/4 of an inch!  I let the first batch cool a little bit, then bit into a cookie.  It was definitely more cake-like.  But yummy!  

Instead of wasting, I proceeded and am quite happy with the results.  I can't say I'll keep the substitution of baking soda for baking powder, but it's good to know I have a back up recipe for sugar cookies.  ;)

I think the kindergarten teachers will enjoy their treats, and I know for sure my littlest one will enjoy being a Big Girl in school this fall.  :)


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    1. Thanks! The teachers enjoyed nibbling on their pencils....haha! :)