Wednesday, January 8, 2014

TWD (Rewind!): Challah

This is another Tuesdays With Dorie recipe from last month that I was unable to make because of the Christmas Craziness!  I'm so glad I decided to make it yesterday.  My whole family is in love with this lightly sweet, soft, chewy bread, and we've already devoured one of the two loaves.

The recipe is straight forward as far as bread-making.  Two rises, then shaping, then another rise, then an egg wash, then baking.   An all-day affair, really.  Or at least a long afternoon.

Worth it?   Oh yes!

This was my first attempt at a double braid.   I found a very helpful video on YouTube, and had to watch it over and over again to get it just right.  As you can see, my first braid turned out a little wonky (the bottom one), but my second was just right (top)!

Lauren Groveman is the contributer for this recipe, and she has the recipe and perfect instructions here on her website, Lauren Groveman's Kitchen.  Take a look around---Lauren has oodles of fabulous recipes!

We enjoyed our challah warm with honey butter, as recommended by a friend of mine.  She was spot-on.  The sweet honey butter was perfect! 

If you have another snow day today, give this recipe at try.  Your oven will warm your home up, and you'll enjoy a delicious treat with your family for supper.


  1. Wow - your second braid is picture perfect. I am impressed! (But not surprised!)

    1. LOL Thanks Cher! I'm going to bake more today. My whole family loved it.....and I want to try French toast with it tomorrow morning! :)